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Experience is the Difference

Dr. Bansal's vast experience in the field of psychiatry, coupled with her "down to earth" manner, provide her patients with a level of care unrivaled by others in her field. Dr. Bansal wears multiple hats, as a triple boarded physician, and focuses heavily on the underlying cause of the patient’s symptoms.  She does not practice “talk-based” therapy but works with an experienced group of clinical psychologists and LCSWs who can assist with such care.  Her direct approach is on treating depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar or unipolar disorders, and a host of related medical concerns. Because of her extensive medical training, Dr. Bansal understands the body’s functions and the complex relationship between emotional illness and other medical illness.  As a Board Certified psychiatrist, she is thus the mental health professional and physician best qualified to distinguish between physical and psychological causes of both your mental and physical distress.


We offer a refreshing and unique perspective to prevent, diagnose and treat disorders of the mind. Dr. Bansal brings her rare expertise of dually boarded Neurology and Psychiatry to prescribe a plan involving individually tailored treatments to each and every one of her patients. She strongly believes in psychoeducation, and in working with each patient to take back charge of their life. Her aggressive, take charge attitude, empowers the patient to retake some control in their life.

Many Paths, One Solution

As a physician, Dr. Bansal can order, perform and utiilize a full range of medical and psychological tests that provide a complete picture of your physical and mental state.  Because of her extensive education and years of clinical experience, Dr. Bansal understands the complex relationship between emotional and other medical illnesses. She will evaluate the entire medical and psychological data, make a diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan catered to your specific needs.


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