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TMS Technicians

Stephenie Vaccaro

TMS Technician

Stephenie Vaccaro is our TMS Coordinator at our Libertyville location here at A Ray of Hope. She is adamant about leading every one of her patients with compassion and empathy. She meets each patient where they are in their current situation to ensure they are comfortable and have a safe space to share their struggles or celebrate their happiness. 
Jacob Kleinhardt

TMS Technician

Jacob Kleinhardt, a former U.S. Navy member and insurance specialist, joined our practice: A Ray of Hope in 2022. As the TMS coordinator at our Kenosha location, he greatly enjoys providing the best care possible to all of his patients. Jacob also assists with the communication between patients and medical providers, as well as assisting with insurance issues. 
Gumaro Lozano

LEAD MA/TMS Subsitute

Gumaro Lozano was first hired by Dr. Bansal when A Ray of Hope first opened in the fall of 2014 after previously working as a medical assistant at a local hospital. He now operates as our lead MA here at A Ray of Hope. Gumaro is also bilingual and provides essential support for our Spanish-speaking patients.