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"I never realized that the name of her practice "A ray of hope" would turn out to be what this woman has been for me in the short time I've been her patient.  She walked into the room and she was like this best friend you never knew you had. She is so down to earth and just knows the right questions to ask. She explains what she'd like your treatment to be but is always asking if you're comfortable with that or gives you an alternative and lets you have some control over your own care. She is empathetic and I believe genuinely cares about my emotional well being.  She literally made me feel "a ray of hope" just by her positive and genuine attitude.  In the short time I've been seeing her, she calls to check up on me and always asks if I am ok with her recommendations. She's also made herself available by telling me to call her cell phone. She is definitely one of a kind and I trust her completely!"

- Karen



"Dr. Bansal has been a life saver for me.  She asked me if I'd like to try the dTMS program and it has been a blessing.  It was a commitment that I was willing to take.  She is a down to earth person; sweet and extremely knowledgeable.  I am so happy I found her.

- Sandra



"You don't find Doctors like Dr. Bansal anymore. She cares! She is a fantastic Doctor. Her staff is great!"

- Lucas



"Definitely by far one of the best neurologists I have ever seen! I live with multiple sclerosis and she was very knowledgeable and helped me tremendously"

- Jodi



"My primary care doctor first sent me to Dr. Bansal about a year ago for terrible migraines. Prior to that, I had seen two other neurologists in downtown Chicago but while they gave me some medication, the migraines continued. They got so bad that I would miss days of work or go home early. It was unbearable! When I first walked into her office, I was stunned by the calm. I sat patiently for my turn, gave my history to the MA and I clearly remembered her walking into the room later. Having been to other neurologists, I was expecting this nerd to walk in. Instead, in walks this beautiful lady with a giant smile. She was really pleasant, friendly and listened to me with rapt attention but also interrupted me a few times to ask questions that I had never even thought of before. After about 25 minutes, she gave me her thoughts. I was apprehensive given my prior history but she urged me to be patient and try her suggestions. The next time a migraine hit, I tried it out and lo and behold, I am it worked! I still get migraines and still see Dr. Bansal every 4-6 months but my migraines are under so much better control. She even used Botox recently (for headaches) and man that stuff works! Over the past year, I have sent my uncle to see her following his stroke and my aunt who also has terrible migraines. They all rave about her."

- Joseph




I have been struggling for years with depression. I've seen many Neurologists/Psychiatrists/Therapists and been on many different medications. I met Dr. Bansal about 2.5 months ago, and she has been great to work with! She cares about her patients and wants nothing but good quality of life. In my case, Dr. B felt I would be a good candidate for dTMS, along with cymbalta+deplin. I'm just finishing up my last week of dTMS treatment, and haven't felt this good in years. The staff is great and always very helpful. For anyone that has a history of depression, I would highly recommend Dr Bansal, her judgement, and the tools/resources she has available to her. She's helped me more than anyone I've seen in the past!

- M & JK



"I am so glad that somebody referred me to Dr. Bansal. From working with her, I can tell that she's a cut above. I've seen friends go to therapists, psychiatrists, neurologists etc. and they're all over the quality spectrum. Some tell you what they think you want to hear. Some give you whatever pills you want. Some give you pills that *they* want to give you without warning you about side-effects. Dr. Bansal won't prescribe medication if she thinks that it is unnecessary, that it's harmful or if you are simply distrustful of medication in general. It takes a rare individual who can blend a perceptive and assertive mind with diligence and warmth like Dr. Bansal does. She is willing to tell you hard truths without sacrificing compassion. If I needed to be told that I had cancer, I'd want it to be by her. (Judge Reinhold wouldn't be bad either but I doubt that he accepts Humana.) She's also very knowledgeable.

- Arie



"I am very grateful I found Dr.Bansal. I have been suffering from a neurological disorder for the past 3 years and have seen multiple doctors that have unfortunately been unable to manage it properly. That all changed with Dr.Bansal she was with me step by step and explained everything to me. She genuinely showed concern and care for my condition and after following her treatment I have improved drastically. I highly recommend Dr.Bansal."

- John




"Dr. Bansal is the best. She tells me what I need to hear (not neccessarily what I want to hear). She looks at the whole picture and realigns the puzzle of me as an individual. So much appreciation."

- Katy




(Prior to TMS treatment)  "I felt as though I was drowning in medications. Felt overdosed."

(Upon completing TMS treatment) "I feel revitalized. Hoping to keep my energy levels up now. All the pills brought me down and made me feel lazy". (Describing the TMS experience) " Awesome! Not time consuming. All of my questions were answered immediately. These are great people to work with." (On recommending TMS treatment to others) "Yes! It has been a valuable asset to my health. Depression is treatable!"

- Nima




(Prior to TMS treatment) "I was feeling alone and not wanting to be here anymore."  (Upon completing TMS treatment) "I feel a lot happier. Still have some moments of feeling alone but not like before and no more thoughts of ending my life." (Describing the TMS experience) "Very helpful. Glad I found the treatment and went through it." (On recommending TMS treatment to others) "I've already recommended it to some friends who are suffering from mental illnesses. It's a highly recommended treatment."

- Krystal




(Prior to TMS treatment) "I was anxious, detached, disengaged from the world. Numb."  (Upon completing TMS treatment) "Alert. Aware. Minimal anxiety. Processing emotions and reaching conclusions to conflict seems easier." (Describing the TMS experience) "Positive. At times upsetting that my depression had reached such a point that I had to have the TMS treatment done, yet grateful it was available." (On recommending TMS treatment to others) "Definitely."

- Kate




(Prior to TMS treatment) "Hopeless, depressed, sad, unhappy."  (Upon completing TMS treatment) "Hopeful, happier, much less depressed, more positive." (Describing the TMS experience) "A little uncomfortable at first but the discomfort diminished. End result: well worth it." (On recommending TMS treatment to others) "Yes. Already have!"

- Annette




(Prior to TMS treatment) "Scared. Nervous. Anxious."  (Upon completing TMS treatment) "I'm so glad that I took the chance and tried TMS treatment. Best thing I could have done." (Describing the TMS experience) "Different. Painful at first but after just a week you get used to it and know it's going to work." (On recommending TMS treatment to others) "This is an experience I would recommend to anyone with depression, sleep problems, etc."

- D'Arcy


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