Now accepting new patients for Kenosha, Wisconsin and Libertyville, Illinois locations. Please call to get scheduled and be seen within the same week.
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A Ray of Hope has created a NEW social media account for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In the social media for A Ray of Hope, our patients can have an insightful resource in which to learn about the newest innovations within Neurology and Psychiatry. Get weekly information from our trusted providers that allow our patients to be informed about the best treatments and procedures that our practice provides.

Also, stay up to date with promotions, important news, and many more regarding our private practice. Our social media can allow our patients to engage with our many providers through some great content coming soon. Don’t miss out, you will regret it!

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A Ray of Hope Phone Number

Whether it be for appointments, questions, or other general inquires you can reach our offices here:

Libertyville: (847)-816-6335

Kenosha: (262)-286-1860

A Ray of Hope Fax Number

If looking to fax to one of our offices, the universal fax number for our offices is: (847)-816-6355.

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