Zhannah Vaysman, Psy.D

Doctor of Psychology located in Libertyville, IL & Kenosha, WI


About Dr. Zhannah Vaysman

Dr. Zhannah Vaysman is a passionate professional in a field of clinical psychology who divides her time between different types of clinical work, such as individual therapy and psychodiagnostic assessment. In her clinical practice, she delivers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and other evidence-based treatments to children, adolescents, adults, and older adults with a wide range of neurological, emotional, behavioral, and adjustment problems, such as memory decline, anxiety, stress, depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc.

Dr. Vaysman finds it gratifying to work in a field of geriatric psychology and neuropsychology. Her neuropsychological evaluations describe and quantify cognitive deficits typically found in older adults. These assessments benefit medical diagnosis, treatment, and care planning for individuals with degenerative dementias and those with cognitive difficulties associated with medical conditions or trauma. In conjunction with her evaluations, Dr. Vaysman provides feedback, education, and support for elders, families, caregivers, and residential staff. Dr. Vaysman's assessments also contribute to determinations of mental capacity required for legal purposes. She also provides psychological evaluations to address a wide range of disturbances for all ages: behavioral, social-emotional, cognitive, developmental, personality, etc.

She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Elementary Education from Ushinsky Pedagogical University in Russia. She received both her Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Clinical Psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. The emphasis of her education has been in the application of scientific research to clinical work.

More specifically, Dr. Vaysman has been extensively trained in evidence-based practices to provide therapy and conduct psychological evaluations. Being an immigrant, Dr. Vaysman understands the complexity of how culture and community provide a context for one’s life and experiences. In addition to English, Dr. Vaysman also speaks Russian and conducts psychotherapy sessions and testing in both languages.

Insurance Providers

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